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THIS SITE IS A LIM­ITED BLOG that tells a few sto­ries about the con­ceiving of a rice guide for some of the world’s rarest records and most pas­sion­ately col­lected records: blues and rhythm & blues 45s of the 1950s. It started back in the 1980s when I was with O’­Sul­livan Wood­side, pub­lishers of the “of­fi­cial” line or record col­lec­tors price guides. In fact, it was sched­uled to be the fourth book I au­thored, after one on rock & roll LPs, one that was all Elvis, one that col­lected pop vocal and celebrity albums.

But that never hap­pened and ten years later I was looking at self-publishing the book. The best way to read this blog is to read the posts in the fol­lowing order:

1.  you’d be wasting your time and mine
2.  the com­pe­ti­tion I faced
3.  heaven above me—the jets on gee
4.  damn the naysayers! full speed ahead!
5.  knocking the socks off the nat­tering naysayers
6.  al­cohol and jake blues

The order of the num­bered ar­ti­cles above re­flects the events in which they oc­curred chrono­log­i­cally in the past. That is, if read in order, they will make a better, more un­der­stand­able read. Any­thing else posted on this site is pe­riph­eral to these six articles.


FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is of a drum-cylinder single-revolution news­paper press from the late 19th or early 20th cen­tury. This one ap­pears to be spending its last years in a junkyard.


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