Neal Umphred Dot Com (blog)

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ASIDE FROM THIS BLOG, I am cur­rently doing my goldarn­dest to keep five other blogs run­ning. One of them is Neal Umphred Dot Com (“a blog about ra­ti­o­ci­na­tions of thin air and else­where”), which is my flag­ship site. This was my first ven­ture into the wild and wooly ways of the world wide web and covers just about any­thing that catches my at­ten­tion, including:

•  Arts & Artists
•  Base­ball
•  Books & Authors
•  Fan­tasy & Sci­ence Fiction
•  Comic Books
•  Irony on the Internet
•  Movies & Television
•  My Poetry
•  Neal’s Mus­ings (Hardly Political)
•  Neal’s Rants (Mostly Political)
•  Not Too Tall Tales
•  Strunk­en­whitenit!

Or if you want to take a peek at Neal Umphred Dot Com, just click HERE.